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BEAUTY SPA is the address of beauty care and prestige, bringing you the most professional and effective beauty care services. Spa is invested with the most advanced equipment, helping you have moments of relaxation when performing the treatment.

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Scientific process

Each treatment course at ANGEL BEAUTY is a long-term study, applying the best therapies to help you regain youth, maintain youthful skin. Choosing ANGEL BEAUTY is the choice of Youth.

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About Us


Towards beauty value - Angel Beauty, SPA center we always towards 5 star service style. Moreover, the purpose we bring to customers is to appreciate the best of youth, to preserve the radiant beauty of the skin, to improve and restore what has been lost. go. We - Massage experts with international certificates always understand all the worries, concern about beauty as well as how to maintain that beauty in a natural and long-lasting way.

We - with the treatments along with the class Massage, will help you quickly regain the balance of the body. At the same time, through the SPA sessions, it will bring you a vitality with the restoration of youthful skin that has long been due to the loss of work. It only takes about 30-60 minutes Massage with natural herbs (such as essential oils prepared from floral fragrance good for the skin and spirit, extracted from bamboo, from the sea, abrasive stone, ...) will make you feel great changes.

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New Products

Caucasian Skin Infusion With Sheep Placenta

40.000.000 ₫
50.000.000 ₫

Sheep placenta is considered as the panacea of ​​women in the care and whitening of the skin. It has been chosen by millions of women around the world as the safest way to care for and whiten their skin. In Vietnam, white sheep placenta is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic services

Skin Whitening With Herb Essence

19.500.000 ₫
20.000.000 ₫

Helps remove dead skin cells and replace them with new, smoother skin. Use to smooth wrinkles, regenerate skin, fade pigmentation pigmentation and protect skin from sun damage.

Hot Volcanic Rock Massage

1.200.000 ₫

Massage combined with flint helps dispel the stress of life and work that makes you feel tired, stressed, insomnia

Herbal remedies

10.000.000 ₫

For centuries, herbal remedies have been used to treat many ailments. They may not cure completely, but they may reduce symptoms. For safe and effective treatment, consult a qualified herbal therapist.


Hot Products

Review from the customers

When I first came to ANGEL BEAUTY, I felt the space was very luxurious. After a stressful day at work, thanks to SPA therapies, I have a balance in my life. Come to BEAUTY SPA!

Nguyễn Thái Hồng Hạnh

After the baby was born, my busy work contributed to my body not being as beautiful as a girl's. Thanks to information on the Internet, I turned to ANGEL BEAUTY for a solution to regain the shape that I had lost. I made a wise decision. Thank you ANGEL BEAUTY!

Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Vân

I am completely satisfied with the results of the eyelid aesthetics, everyone praises me to be quite beautiful thanks to these clear and deep eyelids. Most importantly, the ability to heal after beauty is very fast. I am very thankful to the team of doctors of ANGEL SPA!

Dương Minh Châu

My skin is fairer, more beautiful than the spa. Service here is very good, I feel very satisfied. I will introduce my friend and I will come here often to beautify

Anna Phạm

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